A Look at the Weekend’s Events

The Authors sign books at the Long Run Massacre Weekend


See the list of authors that attended the 2011 Event.   Authors that wish to sign up for 2012 may contact Helen McKinney.

Guest Speakers included:


Painted Stone Scribe Helen McKinney coordinated both the Friday school day and coordinated authors and speakers. Here she is pictured with Guest Speaker Vince Akers and author General Ronald Van Stockum.

Vince Akers, Long Run Massacre Historian


Akers graciously answered questions and talked to visitors.


When he divulged that his latest research was on 18th century cannons it was only natural for The Painted Stone Settlers to introduce him to their replica brass barreled cannon.

After a run through the positions and safety checks - Mr. Akers fired the cannon.


Other Guests


Guest Performer - Brother Jonathan sang 18th century music for the crowd.


The 18th Century Doctor portrayed by Albert Roberts is always a crowd favorite.


Above Re-Enactor Jack Holtzworth volunteers for an 18th century “amputation.”

At left: Margaret Waterman does her presentation of “Undressing the Historical Lady.” She explained each piece, it’s fabric and construction as she unlayered her 18th century garments


At left, Painted Stone President, Kathy Cummings started the re-enactment with a tribute to the late Clarence Miller who donated the Red Orchard Park to Shelby County. At right, looking on was General Ronald Van Stockum, Shelby County historian, author, Painted Stone Honorary member and friend of Clarence Miller.


Click here for Sunday’s special tribute to September 11.


Saturday night included a night cannon demonstration and a night battle.


Sunday’s Guest Speaker was Suzanne Larner Dennis portraying Mad Anne Bailey - Frontier Heroine.


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