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The annual re-enactment of the Long Run Massacre and Floyd’s Defeat is held the 2nd weekend in September.

Friday is open to School Children who can view over 20 stations where re-enactors demonstrate such skills as spinning, weaving, storytelling, firearms, cooking and the toys and entertainment typically experienced by children on the 18th Century Kentucky frontier. They also can visit the Native camp and are treated to a small skirmish and cannon demonstration on the main field.

Saturday - is a full day for visitors. Vistors tour the camps and interact with the re-enactors. Scouts visit in the morning to see many of the stations that the school children visited. At 2:00 pm re-enactors assemble to give the visitors a glimpse into the real life 1781 event that history came to call the Long Run Massacre and Floyd's Defeat.

The Painted Stone Settlers

P. O. Box 1381
Shelbyville, KY 40066

Email: info@ paintedstonesettler.org